When I begin a new series or single-video project, I identity the project’s goals and audience. Next, I collaborate with key stakeholders to develop treatment options, i.e. how the video will look and what kind of tone it will have. Is it cinematic? Does it have animation? How will it stand out among competitors? What metrics should be used to measure its performance? Finally, I present a treatment for review.



Pre-production involves 1.) Transforming the treatment into a storyboard; 2.) Pre-interviewing people who will appear in the film; 3.) Developing a budget and production schedule; and 4.) Hiring a creative team to execute the project. Note: I shoot and edit video myself, but I hire contractors depending on the scale and style of the project.



In this phase, the cameras are rolling and the editing suite is churning. I offer clients three rounds of review, i.e. a rough cut; a fine cut; and final cut.


Wall Street Journal • American Museum of Natural History • STAT • Natural Resources Defense Fund • Univision • Vox Studio • IDEO • Old Bridge Media